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Keg Transponder

State of the art keg management using RFID

Transponder technology is the perfect solution for holistic keg management. The transponder, which is a microchip in a plastic envelope, meets typical requirements, being small in size, with convenient yet secure fastening; it can be read at a distance, is insensible to humidity and suitable for harsh environments or high temperatures. Thus, its service life is longer than that of the keg itself.

In the beverage industry, keg transponders help to log filling, emptying and cleaning operations in a detailed manner, thereby reducing the possibility of errors right from the start.

We can professionally fasten keg transponders to new and old kegs alike. The benefits to you are:
  • Kegs are precisely logged, tracked and controlled
  • Kegs and fittings which need to be overhauled can be identified automatically
  • A closed logistics chain is maintained



Keg offers

We can carry out a general overhaul of your kegsOnce they have been cleaned and have new fittings and finish, your kegs will have a long service life.
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