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Welcome to KSO AST – your expert in keg technology!

With over 30 years' experience in keg technology, we are a proficient partner for everything to do with kegs. We provide products and services speedily and reliably right across Europe, including kegs, fittings, keg and tapping head service, repair and marking.

We buy and sell kegs

DIN, Euro and mini kegs are available in all common sizes


Keg Service

Keg Spare Parts, Tapping Head Service, Keg Repair Service


Fitting Trade and Service

Fittings for all common keg types, as well as a
fitting repair service


Tapping Head Service

Cleaning and repair service for all common keg tapping heads


Keg Identification

New nameplates and paint for your kegs


Keg Transponders

Traceability options to ensure the precise registration, tracking
and controlling of kegs



We exhibit:
Visit us at Brau Beviale 2018
Visit us in Nürnberg at Brau Beviale 2019


Keg offers

We can carry out a general overhaul of your kegsOnce they have been cleaned and have new fittings and finish, your kegs will have a long service life.
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Any questions?

You can reach us by phone:
+49 (0) 2739 875 99-0

Or by e-mail:


Keg purchase

We purchase your kegs.
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We are here to answer your queries. Please get in touch.
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